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Pokémon Sun and Moon - Poni Island, Seafolk Village, Poni Wilds

Our complete walkthrough for every step of your latest Pokémon journey.

With Aether Paradise Island and President Lusamine out of the way - for now at least - it's back to the last leg of your Alolan Island Challenge.

That means it's time to visit Poni Island, a welcome respite from the frantic past few steps on your journey as it plays home to the laid-back Seafolk Village and rural Poni Wilds.

Seafolk Village - Dragon Ascent and Draco Meteor Move Tutors, Aerodactyl

Seafolk Village is a charming settlement on the southern shores of Poni Island. Home to some Pokémon-shaped houses, a large central tree, and a very powerful TM shop in the Pokémon Center, it's a nice change of pace.

For now, there's not too much do to here, aside from a couple of interesting items - and Pokémon - to collect from the townfolk. Lillie is waiting for you just up ahead at the big tree, for a little debrief of the past few days' events.

Head over to the woman in the fish-shaped house on the right, and she'll ask you to show her an Alolan Raichu for a reward. A girl in the same house, meanwhile, will give you the item Lucky Punch, whilst there's TM91 Flash Cannon outside that same house again, next to the fisherman on the porch.

There are also move tutors for both Rayquaza's exclusive move Dragon Ascent, from the man in red in the Pokémon Center, and the Dragon-type exclusive move Draco Meteor, from the Ace Trainer who's also in the Pokémon Center. The Center's TM shop also has some very powerful moves for sale, too.

You can also earn Heart Scales, by eating a meal at the restaurant in Seafolk Village, and there's even a closed shop which houses a man that feels so guilty about it, he gives you both the Magmarizer and Electirizer items for evolving Magmar and Electabuzz respectively. In the very same shop, a girl with a Pelipper will also just casually ,hand over an Aerodactyl to you, should you fancy it!

Not a bad little village, then. You do have to leave at some point though, as nice as it is here, so once you're all done head north, towards the Poni Wilds.

ItemWhere to find
MagmarizerGuy in a shop which isn't open at the moment, who has a Pelipper. First building on the left as you arrive
ElectirizerGuy in a shop which isn't open at the moment, who has a Pelipper. First building on the left as you arrive
Lucky PunchFrom girl in green in the house shaped like a fish on the right
TM91 Flash CannonOutside the south door of the house shaped like a fish, next to the fisherman
Zygarde CellInside Restaurant boat that seafolk chief was standing on, under a table on the left
Heart Scale After eating a meal in the restaurant (we ordered the Zumungus noodles!)
Zygarde CellIn front of some wooden planks in back right of town

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Poni Wilds

The Poni Wilds are a twisting, rural route to the north of Seafolk Village, that don't house an awful lot of note outside of the usual trainers, items, and Pokémon.

This is your first chance to own an Alolan Exeggutor, however, as Exeggcute are available to catch here, and can be evolved into Exeggutor with relative ease.

Other than that, it's a case of doing what you do best - investigating, collecting, battling and catching before heading on to the next route and beyond.

ItemWhere to find
Max RepelOn beach between some rocks on left
Zygarde CellOn beach between some rocks on right
Dusk StoneUnderwater on left of beach by northernmost fishing rock
Pearl StringUnderwater on left of beach by northernmost fishing rock
Yache x2, Roseli BerriesBerry tree
Chople, Colbur, Chilan BerriesBerry tree in top left
Rare CandyTop left, between two rocks near Berry tree
Max PotionAlong the topside grassy path of route heading right. Go right from berry tree in forest
Zygarde CellOn small muddle raised up platform by ledge, along bottom of route. Head right through long grass then circle back and below to it
Janga, Haban, Coba BerriesFrom right-hand Berry tree
Ace Trainer Kekoa Skarmory
Ace Trainer LindseyGarbodor
Cook FilParasect

Once you're finished here in the Poni Wilds, your next stop is to the east, through Ancient Poni Path and Poni Breaker Coast, to the Ruins of Hope.

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