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Pokémon Sun and Moon - Ancient Poni Path, Poni Breaker Coast, Ride Machamp, Ruins of Hope

Our complete walkthrough for every step of your latest Pokémon journey.

Following on from Seafolk Village and Poni Wilds, it's time to plow on with your quest to finish your Island Challenge, by searching for Hapu.

But, Lillie's also in need of your help, too. Cosmog's in a bad way, and the hope is that Tapu Fini, with it's rumoured powers of healing, could make the difference. It means you'll be heading along Ancient Poni Path, Poni Breaker Coast, and finding yourself a Ride Machamp to get to Tapu Fini's Ruins of Hope.

Ancient Poni Path

Heading onto Ancient Poni Path you'll soon find Hapu and her trusty Mudsdale. She quickly catches you up on the events here, telling you that she's already defeated "that little thing that came out of the sky" - i.e. the Ultra Beast - and also informs you that, in fact, there is no Kahuna here on Poni Island.

Your priorities for now though are still Lillie's Cosmog, and so Hapu passes on some directions to the Ruins of Hope: you'll need to head through Poni Breaker Coast first.

Before setting off, a strange old lady seemed to have been watching you from behind a ruined wall nearby. Turns out she's Hapu's grandmother! She's delighted that little Hapu has made some frinds, and lends you a hand by updating your Ride Pager with Ride Machamp, who has the ability to push aside large boulders, much like the Strength HM of old.

Hapu's grandmother's house is on this route, too, and inside you can talk to her Miltank to have your squad healed, saving a journey back to Seafolk Village. Vast Poni Canyon is blocked off meanwhile, as is Poni Grove (in fact Poni Grove requires you to be the Island Champion before you can access it at all), and so your only option is to head on to Poni Breaker Coast.

ItemWhere to find
Zygarde CellIn front of wall right by where you chat with Hapu and her grandma
Zygarde CoreIn Hapu's bedroom, far right in her house through door with Meowth
Zygarde CellTo the right of Hapu's house, behind well
Adrenaline OrbAlong bottom of route, other side of wall, double back through long grass
Shiny StoneHead north at crossroads as if to Vast Poni Canyon, then head left and double back behind tree
TM79 Frost BreathHead down onto Poni Breaker Coast then double back to the left and back up through the long grass
Collector RaymondTurtonator

Poni Breaker Coast

A short route with some intriguing geyser, leading off to the south-east from Ancient Poni Path, Poni Breaker Coast mostly serves as your way to the Ruins of Hope.

There's just the one trainer here, and a couple of items, so you can speed through relatively quickly before you get to the ruins themselves.

ItemWhere to find
Zygarde CellOn right past geyser after entering route
Calcium (Hidden)Circling round another geyser hole on bottom right of route, in a small rock
Sightseer JamieSandshrew

Ruins of Hope

Lillie's waiting for you at the ruins as you arrive, nervous, but there are some huge cubic rocks blocking your path. Luckily you've just been treated to Ride Machamp on your Pager, and so can call on it to help you out!

Push the left boulder all the way up, then the centre boulder to the right, then run back round below to where you started and push that centre-right boulder upwards into the hole on the right hand side, and you can cross.

In the next room, Hapu seems to be doing some kind of ritual. It turns out her grandfather was once the Island Kahuna, but he died and, sadly, left no one to follow him. Hapu tried, in the past, but the Tapu guardian Pokémon didn't choose her, and so she couldn't take up the mantle.

Now, however, after travelling Alola's islands herself, she is at last the Kahuna! Lillie gushes to her about the need to find this rumoured Legendary Pokémon, to get to the Ultra Beast dimension, and save her mother. Lillie still sees some good in her and, you know, she is her mum.

All Hapu knows is that a ceremony is held at the Altar of the Sunne / Moone (name depending on your game version) through Vast Poni Canyon, which requires two special flutes...

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ItemWhere to find
Zygarde CellBottom of spiral path just by a sprout of green mushroom things

You have one - from Gladion - already. The next is on an uninhabited place - time to head back to Seafolk Village and catch a boat to tackle Exeggutor Island, Vast Poni Canyon, and beyond.

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