Pokémon Sun and Moon - Hano Grand Resort, Aether Paradise, President Lusamine

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Now you've trecked it through Konikoni City, Memorial Hill, and Kahuna Olivia's Grand Trial, it's time to collect your reward for saving Aether Foundation Branch Manager Faba on the way.

Head on over to Hano Grand Resort from your Grand Trial, where you'll meet Faba again and, soon enough, be whisked off with your pal Hau to Aether Paradise Island for a tour.

Hano Grand Resort - meet Faba

Hano Grand Resort is, according to it's own employees, the premier hotel on the island. Booked up a year in advance, safe to say it's fancy - and no surprise the rather image-conscious Aether Foundation have a presence there.

Explore the grounds and talk to the visitors - including an apparently famous Pikachu - before heading inside to meet Faba. There, he'll spin you a yarn about Aether Paradise, the Aether Foundation's home and an entirely artificial island floating out in the sea nearby. It was made for the protection of Pokémon, particularly the more incident-prone like Slowpoke, and is accessed by ferry from this very hotel's port.

In fact, Faba extends you an invitation to visit the island for a tour, along with Hala, so head down to the ferry port from the Hano Grand Resort when you're ready to go. We suggest you heal up...

Aether Paradise Island - meet President Lusamine

Once on safe land again - or at least artificial land - at Aether Paradise you'll soon learn that all Poké Balls are jammed by a special signal, to protect the Pokémon being kept there from being stolen.

You'll swiftly be greeted by a lady known as Wicke, who seems a little friendlier than her fellow Branch Manager Faba. Wicke takes you up to the big conservation room on the second floor, to meet President Lusamine herself. Lusamine is due north from the lift, but you can roam around to the left and right of the room if you fancy a nose around.

Talk to Lusamine and she'll swiftly take a dig at your pal Hau's sense of style - bearing in mind he's eleven - before you find she is in fact over 40 herself, despite looking about 16. Then, all of a sudden, a tremor...

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An Ultra Wormhole opens up right in front of you, and out comes what seems to be an Ultra Beast, albeit with only '???' to go by for now. Lusamine, who seems somewhat obsessive in her desire to protect anything and everything, wants to love this beast, which is a tad strange, as it's down to you to hold it off with a battle whilst everyone else gets out of there.

Defeat the probable-Ultra Beast - remember you can't catch it, with Poké Balls jammed - and Wicke will kindly award you TM29 Psychic as thanks. For now, that's all you get from the encounter, as it's time to keep your head down and continue on your Island Challenge. Next stop, Ula'Ula Island, Malie City and Route 10!

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