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Pokémon Sun and Moon - Konikoni City, Memorial Hill, Akala Outskirts, Grand Trial, Kahuna Olivia and Rockium Z

Our complete walkthrough for every step of your latest Pokémon journey.

Having finished with the Dimensional Research Lab, Diglett's Tunnel and Route 9, it's on to the coastal Konikoni City, home to this Island's Kahuna, Olivia.

Your first task is to seek out Olivia here at her shop in Konikoni, but soon after you'll be taken on to Memorial Hill and the Akala Outskirts, before your Akala Grand Trial with Kahuna Olivia herself at last.

Konikoni City - Olivia's Shop, Pikanium Z, and Fossils

There's plenty to see in Konikoni City, including a shop which ives you either a Skull Fossil or a Cover Fossil, a lady who gives you the Pikachu-exclusive Pikanium Z Crystal, and more.

First things first, you're looking for Olivia. Head over to her shop, which is on the left hand side of the row of storefronts, and see if she's inside.

In the store, you'll be handed a note from her Probopass - turns out she's not here after all, and has instead headed over to the Ruins of Life, past Memorial Hill. That doesn't mean you need to leave right away though - there are plenty of TMs and Herbs to buy here in the city which can't be found anywhere else.

Olivia's shop also sells the Fire Stone, Thunder Stone, Leaf Stone and Water Stones for evolving your Pokémon, whilst updtsairs you can find a rare Zygarde Core - not Cell - in her room with all the stuffed toys.

A lady with the Pikachu to the city's north, meanwhile, offers you the Z Crystal Pikanium Z, whilst you can also grab the Eviolite from behind the bench just next to her.

ItemWhere to findNotes
Fire, Thunder, Water, Leaf StonesOlivia's Shop
Skull Fossil OR Cover FossilOther lade in Oliva's Shop - one per customer!
Zygarde CoreUpstairs in Olivia's shop, in her room with the stuffed toys
Pikanium ZFrom lady by the Pikachu in grassy area north of the city
Eviolite Next to lady with Pikachu, behind bench

Memorial Hill

You'll need to head through Memorial Hill to reach Olivia for the Grand Trial battle, so it's time to don your exploring hat again.

Reaching the route, you'll see Team Skull are back at it again, this time, surprise surprise, trying to steal a Slowpoke! The difference however is that it's from memebers of the Aether Foundation, whose very job it is to protect Pokémon from harm.

Except they're too scared to fight, instead imploring their boss, Faba, to fight on their behalf. He refuses, so it's over to you to save the day. Take out the Team Skull Grunt for them, and Faba will tell you to head to the Hano Grand Resort to collect a reward for coming to their rescue, after your Grand Trial.

Otherwise, battle and collect your way through Memorial Hill and on to the Akala Outskirts, before you take on Olivia.

ItemWhere to find
Heal Powder (Hidden)In front of the second tomb
Adrenaline Orb (Hidden)In front of a grave halfway up the hedge maze on the left
Cleanse TagIn front of grave by Preschooler Liam
Super Repel (Hidden)In front of grave in top left of maze
Dusk BallAbove ledge, left and through grass after exiting top of maze
Hyper PotionBehind row of trees to the right of the route
Gentleman SmithUmbreonLvl.23
Preschooler LiamJigglypuff
Ledyba (Evolved)
Madame SayuriComfey Lvl.23
Punk Girl MelissaAriadosLvl.23
Skull GruntRaticate (Alolan)Lvl.23

Akala Outskirts, Kahuna Olivia and Akala Grand Trial

Before your Grand Trial, there are still a few nearby trainers - including Team Skull's Plumeria - to clear out. Continue on from Memorial Hill to Akala Outskirts, which house just the very thing.

After Plumeria's said her bit, continue on. There are a couple of interesting items here, so don't just fly through with the blinkers on. Have a quick poke around, and catch the relatively rare Rock-type Pokémon, Nosepass, that's available too.

ItemWhere to find
TM28 Leech LifeOn cliff to the bottom right, past Fisherman
Zygarde CellBy ledge through gap in grass to the left of the route, by Black Belt Kenji
Fisherman VernonStaryu
Black Belt KenjiHariyamaLvl.24

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Now, with that out of the way, it is at last time for your second Grand Trial, with Kahuna Olivia. Being Grand, and all, there's no task to the trial - it's simply a one-on-one battle like the good old days. Heal up, save, and prepare your party for a Rock-type showdown.

ItemWhere to find
Rockium ZAfter defeating Olivia

Grass, Steel, Ground, Fighting, and Water-type attacks will do wonders here, with Olivia's Rock-type specialty pretty susceptible to weaknesses. Watch out for her Lycanrock's Z Move however, as it can still tear through your team if you're unprepared.

With Olivia defeated, she'll hand you the Rockium Z Crystal as a reward, and send you on your way. Time to go accept another reward, from Faba at the Hano Grand Resort, and Aether Paradise!

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