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Pokémon Sun and Moon - Ula'Ula Island, Malie City, Malie Gardens, Route 10

Our complete walkthrough for every step of your latest Pokémon journey.

Having finished up on Akala Island by visiting the Hano Grand Resort and Aether Paradise, you can now progress to the games third, and largest, Island of the four: Ula'Ula Island.

First stop on the island is the tranquil Malie City, home to Malie Gardens, where your first task is to find Professor Kukui.

Malie City and finding Kukui in Malie Gardens

First things first, Hau fancies a battle with you as soon as you get off the boat. This is actually quite a tough one thanks to his freshly-evolved Alolan Raichu, which is now Electric / Psychic-type. It's speedy, too, and with Alolan Pokémon generally very slow - and the Raichu's Electric typing stopping it from being paralyzed, you've got your work cut out here if unprepared.

Once you do defeat Hau, he asks you to go and meet him and Kukui at Malie Garden once you're done in town. There's nowhere else to go for now, barring the Pokémon Center to heal up and resupply, so do just that and then head into the gardens.

Professor Kukui is up at the north end of the Garden by the café, but there's no real rush for now - have an explore of the gardens to pick up some items, Pokémon, and trainer battles as you head over to him. Shaped like a certain familiar region, the gardens are a peaceful place with no Ride Pokémon - other than Charizard - available for use here.

Once you've found him, it looks as though it's time for your next trial, as he'll be waiting at the bus stop on Route 10 when you're ready to head up Mount Hokulani. But Lillie has other ideas, and interrups you on your way out of the Garden. She's keen to head to the ruins in the island's desert next, after paying a visit to the Library for a bit of reading up. You may have also bumped into a certain Professor Oak - Samson Oak - in the town by now too, who also wants you to head to the Library as well. Probably wise that you do!

ItemWhere to find
Grassy SeedTop right before crossing water, clear patch behind some grass with a rock in the middle of it
Luxury BallPast the Preschooler on left behind some grass
Rage Candy BarTo the left of the cafe under a parasol
Zygarde CellTop left corner, in the patch the bottom side of some long grass
Big MushroomVery top centre past the grass in front of the big yellow wall
Sightseer MitchPersian
Preschooler AileyCleffaLvl.26
Sightseer AkaliRaticate

Malie City - Library and the rest of town

At the Library, you'll find Professor Oak, who's keen for you to show him an Alolan Persian, whilst there's also a lady in a big hat on the bottom floor who will give you TM76 Fly, if you talk to her about how it used to be employed in regions like Kanto. Upstairs, the more important stuff is happening.

There, you'll meet Lillie, who's keen to find a specific book to try and research her Nebby. A lady called Acerola just so happens to have that book out on the table right now, and kindly lets you read it. Once you do, it's time to crack on to your trial, through Route 10 and up Mount Hokulani.

ItemWhere to find
Zygarde CellBetween two yellow trucks near entrance to Garden.
TM76 FlyLady in the big hat in the Library, after telling her about the Ride Pager
Strange SouvenirMan in Hawaiian shirt in building next to Library / Community Center
Icy, Smooth, Heat, Damp Rocks x1 eachBy answering all the lady's questions correctly in the weather class

Once you've had a little explore around the rest of town to collect a few more interesting items, it's on to Route 10!

Route 10 - Find the lady's Stufful and the Exeggutor Express Bus Stop

Almost immediately after you head to Route 10, you'll encounter an elderly lady who's managed to lose all eight of her Stufful. Round them all up for her and she'll offer you a very hefty reward. We've gathered their locations for you below:

  1. Opposite Firefighter Alex
  2. Behind rustling tree next to berry tree
  3. Behind berry tree
  4. On the right, after Beauty Andrea
  5. Just after that one, behind the Trainer Tips sign
  6. In long grass on left of route, by Trainer Tips sign
  7. In long grass on right side of route by Police Officer Mitchell
  8. On left of route, opposite Police Officer Mitchell

Aside from that little quest, you'll also notice the swooping Fearow coming from specific trees, which you'll need to watch out for each time you pass, plus there are a couple Team Skull Grunts making a nuisance of themselves over by the bus stop at the end of the route.

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ItemWhere to find
Sharp Beak, Heal Wing, Swift WingDropped from Fearow tree battle
Max PotionTop side of route after first patch of grass
Kee, Pomeg, Pomeg, Grepa, Kelpsy BerriesUnder tree
Zygarde CellJust after 4th Stufful and Trainer Tips sign, in front of grassy tree growth and Ace Trainer
X AccuracyAfter long grass on left of route by Tips sign
Never-Melt Ice, £15kLady after collecting all her Stufful
Firefighter AlexPoliwhirlLvl.28
Beauty AndreaSteeneeLvl.27
Police Officer MitchellGrowlitheLvl.28
Skull GruntGolbatLvl.27

That little Stufful quest aside, that's all there is to Route 10. It's time to head on to Mount Hokulani, Hokulani Observatory and Sophocles' Trial!

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