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Pokémon Sun and Moon - Mount Hokulani Observatory, Sophocles' Trial, Electrium Z, Steelium Z

Our complete walkthrough for every step of your latest Pokémon journey.

Having finished up with Malie Garden and Route 10, it's time to hop on board the Exeggutor Express and head up the mountain.

Mount Hokulani, and its Hokulani Observatory, is the destination of your first Trial on Ula'Ula Island, where you'll meet both the old Captain, Molayne, and the new Captain Sophocles on your way to earning not one, but two Z Crystals, in Electrium Z and Steelium Z.

Hokulani Observatory, Sophocles' Trial, Steelium Z and Electrium Z

Up top on Mount Hokulani, Professor Kukui takes a moment to point out Ula'Ula's other mountain and the highest peak in Alola, Mount Lanakila. There, he tells you, is where they hope to host Alola's very own Pokémon League! In fact it's under construction now, as Kukui is only just revealing his big plans for the future of the islands. Neat!

Over at the Observatory entrance, you'll meet a chap called Molayne, who seems to be the old Captain based here at Hokulani. He fancies a battle, so take him on and, if successful, you'll earn yourself the Steel-type Z Crystal Steelium Z.

Quickly heal up, and then it's onto the Trial proper inside the building. Head into the Observatory and, in a back room filled with all kinds of strange instruments and technology, you'll discover Sophocles. Talking to him you'll discover he actually created a device to summon his Totem Pokémon, but in fact when used it simply locks you in and shuts off the power.

Your trial, then, involves answering a series of sound-based security questions to get the power back on - which is periodically interrupted by some wild Pokémon, too. We've popped the answers in a table on the right.

Once you answer each one correctly, Totem Vikavolt appears! Defeat it to beat the Trial and earn yourself Electrium Z. Afterwards, you're also given Professor Kukui's Mask, to deliver to him back in Malie Garden - it looks an awful lot like the Masked Royal's mask though... how bizarre!

Trial PokémonAlly PokémonLevel
Totem Vikavolt Lvl.29CharjabugLvl.27
ItemWhere to find
Level BallBehind the red trucks through a gap in the railings
Moon BallTalk to Oak
Comet ShardMan behind counter in observatory
Electrium ZFrom Sophocles for finishing trial
Steelium ZFrom Molayne after finishing trial
Professor's MaskAfter finishing trial

Mount Hokulani - the route down

To head back down the mountain, you can eithe hitch another lift on the bus, or go down by foot, through a route of trainers. There are some good items and very rare Pokémon available here, so we recommend you take the hike!

The road only gets you about halfway down Hokulani Mountain itself, before you need to take the bus for the rest of the way. There's a photo spot off to the left about halfway down, at the back of a large platform of long grass, and a trainer at the top who'll fight you only after defeating everyone on the route. Other than that, it's a relatively quick downhill stroll!

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ItemWhere to find
TM72 Volt SwitchPast first area of long grass on the right on the way down, on cliff edge
Fast BallOn the left between gap in metal rail
Rare Candy (Hidden)Small grassy rock to the right of Hiker Thomas at end of railing, right of road
Heavy BallNear photo spot, above large area of long grass halfway down on left
Max PotionOn second ledge area, below Collector Todd on left of route
Office Worker JessicaClefairyLvl.28
Hiker ThomasBoldor
Collector ToddPassimian

With your first Trial on Ula'Ula under your belt - along with two Z Crystals - you'll need to deliver Kukui his mask before moving onto the next. Time to go back to Malie Garden, then Route 11, 12, and 13!

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