Pokémon Sun and Moon - Heahea City Dimensional Research Lab, Diglett's Tunnel, Route 9

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With Route 8 and Captain Mallow's Trial at Lush Jungle now cleared, it's back to Heahea City with Kukui, before you head on to the second Grand Trial of your Island Challenge.

First stop is Heahea City's Dimensional Research Lab, before you head through Diglett's Tunnel to Route 9 and beyond.

Heahea City continued - the Dimensional Research Lab

Arriving at the Lab you'll spot Lillie outside, trying to practice what looks like a very primitive kind of Pokémon battle. Professor Burnet is also here, who runs the Dimensional Research lab and also happens to be Kukui's wife, too.

Burnet tells you some more about Ultra Wormholes, which is where these legendary Ultra Beasts supposedly come from. Once you're done chatting, you'll need to have a quick browse of the books, before then talking to Kukui by the lift. After that, he'll point you in the direction of your Grand Trial - by heading through Diglett's Tunnel to Olivia's house in Konikoni City.

A quick reminder to heal up here quickly, as you won't have had a chance to since the last trial.

Diglett's Tunnel

Inside Diglett's Tunnel you'll find a few Aether Foundation people, who claim Team Skull are responsible for the Diglett getting riled up - which was the reason for the tunnel's previous closure.

Now, you're free to explore and head on to Route 9 on the other side - barring the Team Skull Grunts blocking your path. Hau's here too, so plow through the Grunts and move on.

A quick note, too: come back with Machamp Shove in your Ride Pager, and you can access a north-eastern part of Konikoni City from Diglett's Tunnel to pick up TM61 Will-O-Wisp and a hidden Big Pearl.

ItemWhere to findNotes
Dusk Ball Head down narrow path right from entrance, behind some rocks by Worker Frank
X Attack (Hidden) By a pair of small rocks, leftwards from entrance
Fire Stone Behind the breakable rocks, near the West set of stairs
Nugget By a crate of dirt on raised ledge after going up stairs
Zygarde Cell By crate with the nugget, between two nearby rocks
ITMax EtherEM From Hau after beating Team Skull
Worker Frank Diglett Lvl.22
Worker Vaclad Machop Lvl.22
Team Skull Grunts x2 Salandit

Route 9 - Police Station

Route 9 certainly takes the award for the least eventful Route you've encountered so far, featuring a relatively pointless Police Station and not much else.

Inside the station, you'll be warned that they're really not a fan of people battling so much. Directly outside the Police Station, a Police Officer will challenge you to a battle!

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ItemWhere to findNotes
X Accuracy (Hidden)Straight ahead out of the tunnel, on the left by a rock at cliff edge.
Net BallOpposite end, the right of cliff edge.
Police Officer HarukiGrowlitheLvl.24
Fisherman MikeChinchouLvl.23

Pick up a couple of items and defeat the two trainers here, before you move on, to Konikoni City, Memorial Hill, and your Akala Grand Trial with Olivia.

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