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Pokémon Sun and Moon - Route 8, Lush Jungle, Mallow's Trial, Totem Lurantis and Grassium Z

Our complete walkthrough for every step of your latest Pokémon journey.

Now you've finished up at Wela Volcano Park and Captain Kiawe's Trial, it's onwards swiftly to your third and final Trial on Akala Island.

That means it's time to visit Route 8 and the Lush Jungle, in order battle Totem Lurantis and complete Captain Mallow's Trial for Grassium Z!

Route 8 and top of Route 5

Route 8 is a pleasant strip of land along the northernmost edge of Akala Island, featuring some less-than-interesting Pokémon in the wild but, at it's Fossil Restoration Center, the place to restore your fossls to some of the game's rarest, ancient Pokémon.

As a heads up, fossils can be bought from a shop in Konikoni City, just a few stops further along your journey, so keep going for now!

As you head onwards through the Route, you'll be stopped by Colress, a scientist researching how to maximise Pokémon's potential. Her focus is on their bond witht their trainers - at last! - as it seems Pokémon's scientific world has finally cracked what you've discovered in every generation so far. She also gives you a TM, which is the main reason to talk to her!

There's also a quick side quest for the Aether Foundation available here, where you can catch a Stufful and show it to the lady in the lab building for a reward. Otherwise, the only other notable event is the discovery of Gladion's room at the motel, where he currently lives. Talk to him in there and he'll simply tell you to "get out", which is pretty blunt even by his standards.

Finally, a note on catching Wimpod: unlike just about any other Pokémon, Wimpod needs to be interacted with phsyically to catch it, rather than encountered at random from the wild. You'll see a Wimpod on a rocky shore at Route 8's south-western end, but as soon as you approach it from that side, it'll scuttle off into a nearby den.

To catch it, ride your Lapras around the rocks on the water and approach the Wimpod from the other side, where it'll be forced to run into you and start a standard battle sequence. If it gets away, or you fail to catch it, simply head to another route and come back in a few minutes.

Despite the pathetic appearance, Wimpod evolves into on of this generation's strongest new Pokémon, Golisopod, so it's worth the effort!

ItemWhere to findNotes
PearlFishing, with bubbles coming up
Zygarde CellNext to white lab-like building's entrance, near start of route
TM43 Flame ChargeFrom Colress, during the chat
Big PearlTopside cliff edge, doubling back through long grass
Hyper PotionJust past Rising Star Mikey
Lum, Persim, Pecha, Cheri Berry x2Under tree
Ultra BallEnd of grassy patch, topside
Dive BallBehind the motel
Zygarde CellBehind a rock at the start of second part of the route, near the little rocky area
Water StoneBottom side of water area, underwater
Big PearlDropped by Wimpod after defeating one
NuggetSecond hole in top of Route 5
Backpacker GirlEeveeLvl.20
Rising Star MikeyBounsweet
Lvl. 21
Rising Star NickiMiltankLvl.21
Scientist TyroneArchen
Lvl. 20
Golfer MaileMeowthLvl.20
Golfer AlanRockruffLvl.20
Karate Family SamuelMachop

Captain Mallow's Trial - Lush Jungle, Totem Lurantis, Grassium Z

Finishing up on Route 8 and the top half of Route 5, it's time to head into the Lush Jungle for Captain Mallow's Grass-type trial.

Your task, this time, is to find four ingredients for her - with the catch being these ingredients are hidden from sight and dotted around the Jungle. You'll need to hop on your Ride Stoutland to search the area!

We've made a note of the item locations in the box to the right, but you can of course ignore this if you'd like to keep up the challenge for yourself.

A quick note, too: there's a little more to do here once you have the ability to move large Strength-like boulders, including acquiring a Rare Candy, Awakening, and path back to Route 8. There's also a strange Mossy Rock in the north-eastern part of Lush Jungle, which will cause Eevee to evolve into Leafeon when levelled up nearby!

Once you find all four, Mallow gets cooking - she's pretty good at that, apparently - and the other two Akala Captains, Kiawe and Lana, turn up with special ingredients to help. The scent soon lures out the Lush Jungle's Totem Pokémon, Totem Lurantis, so quickly heal, save up, and prep those Fire and Flying-types for battle!

Need more tips? Use our Pokémon Sun and Moon Walkthrough and guide for the main story, our competitive training guide for info on IVs, EV training, Hyper Training and bottle cap farming, and breeding explained, our choice of the best Pokémon Sun and Moon starter from Rowlet, Litten and Popplio, as well as an in-progress list of where to find Zygarde Cells and Cores and our guide to the Battle Tree and both Battling and Trading in the Festival Plaza. We also have a list of QR codes list, Z Crystal locations, Mega Stone locations, Eevium Z Eevee User locations for Extreme Evoboost, evolutions for Alolan Forms and other new Sun and Moon Pokémon and fast way to increase a Pokémon's Happiness, plus how to transfer across Ash-Greninja from the Sun and Moon Demo, where to catch the Tapu Guardians, how to catch the Ultra Beasts, and how to download the Munchlax Mystery Gift.

Totem Lurantis Lvl. 24Ally TrumbeakLvl.22
ItemWhere to findNotes
Forage Bag
X Sp. Atk (Hidden)Hidden behind stump with small tree in second area (up and left)
Super PotionThrough a narrow gap straight up from entrance, need to get off Stoutland to access it
X AttackBehind smashable rock, before Strength boulder, heading right from main area
Big RootJumping down ledge on circling back from right area
X Defense (Hidden)Small cleared area to the right behind some long grass
TM86 Grass KnotTop area, left through long grass, through a secret passage in a tree to a small clearing
Heal Powder (Hidden)Central part of long grass
Grassium ZFrom Mallow after completing trial
Nest Balls x10From Mallow after completing trial
TM67 Smart StrikeFrom Kukui after completing trial

After you finish the trial, you're awarded the Grassium Z Crystal from Mallow, along with 10 Nest Balls. Professor Kukui also rocks up and hands you TM67 Smart Strike, too, and asks you to head with him back to Heahea City's Dimensional Research Lab and Diglett's Tunnel.

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