BioWare has released a detailed look at Mass Effect Andromeda's four-player co-operative multiplayer mode.

The five minute video shows the 25 character kits available at launch, including all of the major alien races - asari, krogan, turian, salarian, and Andromeda's new angarans.

Mechanically the mode looks very similar to Mass Effect 3's enjoyable multiplayer. You and your friends must work together, preferably with a range of abilities, to defeat waves of enemies and then extract successfully in your escape ship.

Five maps will launch with the game: the arid Firebase Sandstorm, the asteroid-set Firebase Zero, the snowy Firebase Icebreaker, the magma-filled Firebase Lava, and Firebase Derelict, set on a vacated kett ship.

BioWare has said previously that, like in Mass Effect 3, all extra maps and other new bits will launch as a free download for Andromeda. You can boost through the mode to unlock gear faster with packs of new items, earned via in-game credits or optionally paid for via real-world money.

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