Listen, I know I'm not exactly Digital Foundry, but this might be useful for those of you looking to pick up XCOM 2 on the consoles this week.

We really, really like this game, but it did (and still does, to an extent) have its share of performance issues on the PC. Are we going to see similiar issues crop up on the consoles? Join us in the video below as we take our first look at the Xbox One version.

In short, it's not bad. I'd still prefer to play this game on the PC: my machine is one of the lucky ones and handles XCOM 2 rather well, but there's also things like mod support, DLC and the mouse and keyboard to consider. Those are hard things to give up.

However, if you're predominately a console player, I don't think you have much to worry about. It's pretty much what we expected. So erm... good luck, commander.

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