Last year it emerged that Capcom had toned down Street Fighter 5 for its western release, specifically removing bubbly grappler R.Mika's butt slap and a glimpse of Cammy's crotch. The move sparked a censorship debate among the fighting game community. Some welcomed the change, some were outraged.

Now Street Fighter 5 is out in the wild, modders have dipped into the PC version's code and restored both.

During the Street Fighter 5 beta, R.Mika slapped her bum before working with tag team partner Nadeshiko to slam, butt first, into their foe, while making their opponent do the splits.

But an update to the beta shunted the butt slap off-screen, and her opponent no longer did the splits. This change remained for the release version of the game.

Here's a comparison:

Modder CENAWINSLOL took it upon himself to re-jig the camera, thus restoring the butt-slap. In a post on Reddit (slightly NSFW), he explains how to get the mod working, with the following caveat:

A couple of things. I have no idea what Capcom's official policy on mods like this are so I don't know if you'll be banned or not. Consider that a warning. Also, I have no idea if this will cause online desyncs. I doubt it will since all I did here was replace the camera animation file with the one from the betas but it could f*** up online for you.

Basically, make sure you have a backup and use this s*** at your own risk. It should work for both of her costumes, but I can't really test because the servers are down right now and I'll get no fight money for going through story mode with her lol.

Here's how the butt slap looks with the mod enabled:

Meanwhile, CENAWINSLOL has also restored Cammy's crotch shot to the game. Here's the comparison showing how it was changed for Street Fighter 5's western release:

With Street Fighter 5 now out in the wild, expect the mods to come flooding in. There are already a raft of skin and model mods available, as well as one that adds Dante Ken and Evil Ryu, if you fancy tinkering. Of note: these mods only work on the PC version.

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