CoD: Advanced Warfare's DLC has exploding hamburgers

No foolin'.  

Amid all the April Fools' Day shenanigans there are some actual goofy discoveries that just so happened to be discovered upon this most ridiculous of days. One of these is an incredibly obscure Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Easter Egg that lets you defeat zombies with exploding hamburgers.

YouTuber NoahJ456, the man who first showed the world that you could turn into a bird in Grand Theft Auto 5's current-gen remaster, has again been first to fully solve a series of adventure game-esque puzzles hidden in its latest EXO Zombies add-on as part of the Ascendence DLC.

First off, you have to turn four valves in the sewers. Note: the valves must be turned in sequence, so one that won't let you interact with it may let you after you've turned a previous one. When all the valves are turned, you can go behind a waterfall. This opens up a bizarre altar.

For the next step you need to collect a hidden frying pan balanced on a beam in a derelict building. Then you must bring that frying pan to the altar.

From this point, tons of zombies will spawn and you need to slaughter them near this frying pan/blood altar. Once the frying pan is properly bloody, you can pick it up again.

Now you need to bring the sacred bloody frying pan to Burger Town and place it on the stove. This will cause randomised chunks of meat to appear throughout the level. NoahJ456's video details what they look like and where they can be. Once you've brought a few pieces of meat back (which must be shepherded one at a time), they'll turn into a flat patty in the frying pan.

In order to cook this unsanitary concoction, you'll have to blast it for a few seconds with your microwave gun until it makes a "ding" sound.

The next step requires you to slay zombies wearing Burger Town outfits until one of them randomly drops a bun. Take this back to your cooked meat patty.

As soon as you pick this unholy burger up you'll have to rush to get it cleansed, lest it turn you into an infected. The video shows where to take this to neutralise the threat.

Take this hamburger to Bubby, the talking order takeout mascot, and he'll say he needs his batteries. Go to the spawn area or the atlas area, find a blueprint of Bubby, hold X next to it, then rush to a drawer with a battery in it.

Take the battery to the electricity station, put it in the voltage charger, and leave it there for a while until it turns red. Bring this to Bubby.

You'll receive a key for this, which you can use to open up a missile silo in the giant burger tower. Hitting the control panel will result in an "access denied" message, so you'll have to go down to the sewers and find the severed arm of a Burger Town employee by slaying an alligator as soon as it chomps on one. If the alligators don't appear, try flushing the toilet a few times.

Take the zombie arm to a red keypad in the spawn area and use it to receive a red key card. Take this to the console in the giant burger. This will cause it to launch a missile into the air as well as release some hamburger-shaped bombs that you can use to fight zombies.

Re-enter the silo, grab the keycard (which is now green) and take it to Bubby. He'll explode and give you some loot drops for your trouble. You'll also receive 50 points for the Meat is Murder Achievement.

It's a somewhat underwhelming reward, but hey, exploding hamburgers, right?

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