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Blue Byte settle on Ubi-Soft

German publisher gets bought out by the French

are this morning reporting the acquisition of German publisher Blue Byte by French giant Ubi-Soft. The deal was consolidated on Tuesday (the 6th) and will "have a positive impact on its own earnings as soon as this year". The deal is expected to give the publisher a commanding position in Germany where Blue Byte have traditionally traded most successfully. The company claims that Blue Byte's forthcoming release of The Settlers IV is expected to generate revenues of €16.5 million by March 2002 with later annual revenue of more than €20 million. Ubi-Soft is already expected to do very well this year thanks to high profile releases like "Stupid Invaders" and "Grandia II" on Dreamcast. Related Feature - Ubi-Soft Dreamcast Releases

Source - Yahoo