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EuroGamer Network Roundup

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Seeing as John is away in Amsterdam "working", I'm here to handle our regular look at what's been going on around the EuroGamer Network over the last week -

ConsoleGamer -

E3 2000 Coverage - information from the event in America

bleemed! (PSX) - a critical look back at the Playstation emulator

Marvel Vs. Capcom (DC) - Dreamcast beat 'em up reviewed

Worms Pinball (PSX) - pinball game reviewed

UEFA Champs League (99/00) (PSX) - a Playstation version of John's favourite sport

MS Trial Implications - a look at the possible implications on the XBox resulting from the MS Trial verdict

PocketGamer -

12th May Charts - weekly charts roundup

Metal Slug: First Mission (NGPC) - side-scrolling shoot 'em up game reviewed

Adventure Island (GBC) - looking back at an old platformer

Dreadling (Palm Pilot) - palm-top first person shooter reviewed!

Spy Vs. Spy (GBC) - bizarre strategy game reviewed

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