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The Tech

3DAccelerated.com reviews the Crucial PC133 SDRAM

Hardware Pros reviews the Aureal Vortex2 SQ2500 Quad PCI Sound Card

Jsi Hardware reviews the Ricoh MP9060A CDRW/DVD Drive

GamePC reviews the Asus V6800/64 MB GeForce DDR

PC Insight reviews the Iwill SIDE-RAID66

Tweak 3D.net have posted an article entitled "Hard Drives: How They Work", it's pretty informative so check it out.

TechExtreme have written an article about some of the hardware industry's problems, including the take-over of S3 and the collapse of Aureal

SystemLogic have got word of a new graphics card in the works from ATI that will allegedly go head to head with NVIDIA's next GeForce. Check this news story for the initial press release