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Aliens: CM, Tomb Raider dated - report

MGS: Rising also appears in retail leak.

An alleged retailer document has thrown up release dates for a number of new titles including Tomb Raider and Alien: Colonial Marines.

Highlights from the leaked internal GameStop list, which first appeared on the Tomb Raider forums, include a 31st October Dead Rising 2: Off The Record date, Aliens: Colonial Marines on 12th November and Tomb Raider on 13th December.

More selected dates are below, though bear in mind that, assuming the list is legitimate, many are no doubt placeholders.

  • 18th September - Batman: Arkham City
  • 2nd November - Binary Domain
  • 9th November - Anarchy Reigns
  • 15th November - Need For Speed: Run
  • 31st December - Warhammer 40k: Space Marine
  • 31st December - X-Men: Destiny
  • 1st January 2012 – Saints Row: The Third
  • 1st January 2012 - Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
  • 1st January 2012 – Sonic Generations
  • 1st January 2012 – Final Fantasy XIII-2
  • 4th January 2012 – SSX
  • 1st February 2012 – Prey 2
  • 2nd February 2012 – BioShock: Infinite
  • 2nd March 2012 – Street Fighter X Tekken
  • 28th March 2012 - Asura's Wrath
  • 28th March 2012 – Dragon's Dogma
  • 2nd November 2012 – Metal Gear Solid: Rising
  • 31st December 2012 – Prototype 2

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