SOCOM Confrontation gets Euro date

It's out here next month.

Sony has finally slapped a ship date on squad-based shooter SOCOM Confrontation.

In a post on the PlayStation boards producer Shijima wrote, "Finally I can bring you the news you’ve all been waiting for: SOCOM Confrontation has been approved for release in Europe, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand!" About time too - SOCOM Confrontation was released in the States back in October.

When's it out then? "The *officially confirmed* release dates are 13th March (UK), 18th March (EU) and 19th March (PSN)." Oh right thanks.

The boxed version of SOCOM Confrontation will come with a bluetooth headset. There's no word on an official RRP, but the likes of our friends ShopTo are offering it for less than 30 quid.

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