Prey trailer, date, demo plans

Raining for Prey.

3D Realms' Scott Miller says there'll be a demo version of Prey - the PC and Xbox 360 first-person shooter in development at Human Head - before it comes out.

Meanwhile, publisher Take-Two - well, label 2K Games - has announced that the game will be released in July in the USA, and if you're interested we've also got a spangly new trailer for you to check out.

Speaking in a comment on the Game Matters blog, Miller spoke of the demo plan, adding: "I feel very strongly that the demo will be our most important marketing tool for the game, by a long shot."

Miller also compared Prey to TiVo - i.e. Sky+ or whatever hard-drive-based TV stuff we use over here - in that, "It's a game that comes off sounding like every FPS before it, UNTIL you've played it."

"Even watching the videos of the game in full glory will not convey to you why this game is truly something different, just as watch Tivo in action is not the same as finally owning it yourself, and coming to realise what a change it is."

Interestingly, Miller also says he expects Prey "to average around 88-92 in review scores". Presumably we'll be able to help you assess that statement in July.

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