BF2 case mods unveiled

German man takes EA's cash.

Top tech-head website Bit-Tech is showcasing some impressive Battlefield 2 case mods by German architecht Oliver König.

His modding career began with a Half-Life 2 case, which turned out so well that when Vivendi's German office saw the pictures they offered to buy it. He was later commissioned by Tentacle Studios to design a showcase system for their PC racer, GTR.

Then back in February, EA contacted König to ask if he'd be interested in designing no less than four cases to promote ace FPS Battlefield 2 - and it was an offer he couldn't refuse.

"I made all four cases in ten weeks," König told Bit-Tech.

"I worked nearly every evening after my day job and some hours on the weekends. I have no idea how many in total - maybe 100-125 hours."

He's not saying what his reward was, however: "Because it was a project for EA, I don't want to talk about money."

Head on over to Bit-Tech to take a look at König's previous work as well as two of the new BF2 cases. The RCM389 will be given away on gaming website BF-News, while the RCM415 is off to the lucky winner of a competition in Germany's PC Games Hardware magazine.

Both models have a US army theme, while the other cases are inspired by the Middle East Coalition and The People's Republic of China. There are no pics yet, however, as EA has yet to decide what to do with them. If you're reading this, bigwigs, we'll be happy to take 'em off your hands...

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