New Dragon: Age Origins DLC named

Darkspawn Chronicles due on 18th May.

Microsoft has announced a new bit of DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, titled Darkspawn Chronicles, will be hitting Xbox Live on 18th May.

The downloadable content pack, which was mentioned in a short blurb on the latest Xbox Live Newsbeat, will be sold for 400 Microsoft Points (3.40/4.80) [Sorry, 1200 MSP was wrong -Ed].

Details such as European dates, availability for the PC and PS3, and information about the type of content in the pack are still unknown at this time.

Darkspawn Chronicles comes just two months after the release of Dragon Age: Origins - Awakenings, which we admired for its meaty content and highly variable endings. Bioware has previously announced that it plans two years of DLC for the late 2009 release.

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