Funcom teases Secret World location

Faux website for Maine town uncovered.

Funcom has stirred up the mystery and hype surrounding The Secret World by creating a website for Kingsmouth, a fictional New England town and a location in the occult, modern-day MMO.

The site was launched silently last week and discovered by the game's community of conspiracy nuts at the weekend. Amongst the (pretty convincing) tourist blurb and ads for local business you can find some screenshots of the town as it will appear in the game, and a few references to its place in the Secret World mythos.

"Solomon Island is home to Innsmouth Academy, an exclusive private school for students with very special and unique talents!" reads one 'Did You Know?' boxout. Starter area, then.

The Secret World is in development for PC and has no release date as yet. Check out the features on our Secret World gamepage for lots of interesting and only slightly vague information. Well alright, quite vague.

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