Bully Wii/360 details

Due out in March.

The Xbox 360 and Wii versions of Bully - Canis Canem Edit on PS2 in Europe - will be released here on 7th March and Rockstar has specified what we can expect over and above its original release.

Details on IGN point to eight new missions, four new classes (biology, geography, maths and music), new items and clothing, new two-player offline mini-games and unlockable Achievements on Xbox 360. Whether all that applies to both Wii and 360 isn't immediately clear.

What should be clear is that even an unchanged game would be welcomed by fans of the more recent platforms. Canis Canem Edit won plaudits upon release, including a very favourable review from some handsome idiot, and Bully: Scholarship Edition - as it's known on 360 and Wii - is highly anticipated as a result.

The game sees young Jimmy Hopkins arriving at the dodgy Bullworth Academy, where Rockstar Vancouver applies the old Grand Theft Auto free-roaming formula to a school-day structure with impressive results. There's lots of humour and typically impressive scripting and content to explore as Jimmy navigates the competing cliques and interests of his school-mates and masters.

Look out for our take on the new versions closer to release.

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