No Man's Sky Antimatter - how to get Antimatter, find Antimatter recipe

Tracking down the elusive material required to power your Hyperdrive.

A little after discovering plans for your first Hyperdrive and its required Warp Cells in No Man's Sky - and once you've figured out how to fix your ship and leave the first planet - you're probably going to be on the hunt for Antimatter. Aside from being a sci-fi staple, Antimatter in No Man's Sky is a primary ingredient in the Warp Cell recipe, whilst Antimatter itself will usually need to be constructed from a series of other components too if you're going to get your hands on it.

Some players have had a little trouble acquiring either Antimatter or its corresponding recipe - particularly those who pre-ordered the game - and us such we've put together everything we know about it's uses, locations, recipes, prices and more right here.

No Man's Sky - what is Antimatter?

Antimatter in No Man's Sky is used to create Warp Cells, which act as the fuel for your all-important hyperdrive. The Warp Cell formula itself is essentially a chain of crafting, which passes through several components until you reach Antimatter and then, finally, the Warp Cell.

You won't find Antimatter out in the wild, but in menus it looks like a rather ominously sparkly dark purple sphere, set against an orange background.

No Man's Sky - where to find Antimatter

Whilst you'll receive a Hyperdrive blueprint and Warp Cell recipe from an alien at the distress signal in your first system, Antimatter is a little more awkward to get a hold of. As things stand, there are two known ways to get it:

  • A kind alien - on your first planet, there is an alien - located inside an Alien Outpost somewhere on the surface - who will give you a single piece of Antimatter for free. To find the alien, head to a Signal Scanner - the structures shooting an orange beam of light vertically into the sky - and search for either 'Shelter' or a 'Transmission'. Shelter has a chance of bringing up an Outpost (different to Colonial Outposts), whilst Transmissions have a chance of leading you to a Beacon, which then leads you to an Outpost. You can also just roam the surface if you fancy doing it the old-fashioned way.
  • Splash the cash - the other option is to simply buy some Antimatter from a Galactic Trade terminal. The terminals can be found either at an Outpost (which you can find using the steps in the bullet point above) or in any Space Station. Antimatter isn't cheap, but it's also not prohibitively expensive - a little mining and selling should give you enough to buy some early on.

No Man's Sky - Antimatter recipe

Once you've made the jump to a new system, you should be notified right away of a building on a nearby planet - normally a Manufacturing Facility - as long as you've opted for the Atlas path earlier on. After heading down to the marker, you'll need to blast through the building's external doors and fight off - or hide from - the ensuing Sentinels, before accessing a central terminal that will ask you to solve a fairly easy puzzle. Be sure to save at the nearby waypoint before you attack the doors so that, if you're killed by Sentinels or fail the puzzle, you can quickly retry. The reward for solving that puzzle will be your treasured Antimatter recipe, which is as follows:

  • 1x Electron Vapor
  • 50x Heridium
  • 20x Zinc

You can find Zinc on most planet surfaces in the form of small plants with yellowish flowers, which appear as the yellow Oxide icon on your HUD when scanned. Planets with hostile environments, such as high toxicity or low temperatures, will likely house slightly higher levels of Zinc than others, as it's also a necessary resource for repairing your Exosuit's protection from the elements.

Heridium is pretty rare, although we did find a fairly large reserve on our first planet. It's likely to be available fairly early on (so as to facilitate some travel and improvements) after which it will appear sporadically on some planets, normally taking the form of large, blue-ish pillars sticking up from the ground.

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Electron Vapor, unless you're lucky enough to find it in a random chest or crate on a planet's surface, will need to be bought from Galactic Trade terminals until you discover the recipe by chance. Whilst we fortunately found a recipe quite early on, there's no guarantee, so keep a little cash aside if you're expecting to do some cross-system travel in the near future, and if you're low on space be sure to check out our advice for easily expanding your ship and Exosuit inventories, too.

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For those who are struggling to find Antimatter after trading in their pre-order bonus starship, No Man's Sky creator Sean Murray offered some words of advice on the official No Man's Sky site, noting that "the game already detects the player needs a hyperdrive and directs them to a nearby NPC who will give the player the hyperdrive they need. Some other players were able to resolve this issue by restarting their console."

The only thing Antimatter can be used as an ingredient for is the creation of Warp Cells, in the following (very simple) recipe:

  • 1x Antimatter
  • 100x Thamium9

To craft the Warp Cell, simply select a free slot in your inventory, choose 'Craft', select the Warp Cell icon and, if you have the ingredients, you're all set!


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