You can glitch between levels in this Overwatch map

Nepalling behaviour.

Overwatch's Nepal map is made up of three distinct stages, with each round taking place on a different one.

You may have noticed there's no additional loading screen as the game transitions between each of these rounds and this, it turns out, is because all three stages actually exist on the very same map.


YouTuber hulkman503 figured this out through the use of some creative glitch work.

Together with a friend, he manages to make use of Mercy's glide and resurrect abilities to fall through each of the stages one after another.

As they explain in the video below, this process is trickier than it looks, requiring some deft maneuvering around Overwatch's "death planes".

They're even able to switch heroes when they reach the final stage, meaning they could potentially use Symmetra's teleport to bring the entire team to their location.

We're expecting Blizzard to fix this in the near future, but it's difficult not to be impressed that someone even figured it out in the first place.

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