Saints Row 4 fan is making a semi functional Dubstep Gun

May not actually kill.

Saints Row 4's most iconic weapon has got to be its Dubstep Gun: an alien terror thats bizarre beats forces its victims to dance until they fall victim to the shower of sparks the gun rains upon them. Now Saints Row fan KazeXenami is making a semi-working replica of the weapon that lights up and plays music - even if it's not functional as a deadly weapon.


Now all it needs is the shaft.

KazeXenami has posted several videos of the would be weapon on their YouTube channel, testing its aural and visual capabilities and there are plenty of images of the work in progress on their DeviantArt page (via Kotaku). So far it looks impressive, but a bit like a giant speaker with lights as the designer has yet to assemble all its pieces.

Still, it's a pretty amazing creation that should be great fun at parties (even if it looks sort of heavy). For reference on how it compares to Saints Row 4's actual Dubstep Gun, check out the video of the horrifying weapon below.

Perhaps next KazeXenami will create Saints Row 4's giant purple dildo.

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