Dark Souls 2 - Farming, Titanite, Human Effigy, Bonfire Ascetic, Fragrant Branch of Yore

From precious Titanite to Bonfire Ascetics, we've got an essential guide to getting your hands on some of the most useful items in Dark Souls 2.

Spread throughout Dark Souls 2 are some extremely helpful items. Some of them allow you to add just a little more potency to your weapons and armour, while others will help you gain access to new characters. Whatever you're hunting down, we've pulled together a list of the most useful items in Dark Souls 2, from precious fragments of Titanite to boss-reviving Ascetics.

Human Effigies

Human Effigies are used to reverse Hollowing, a process that will remove any HP penalties you've acquired as a result of being hollow. Unlike in the first Dark Souls, you can make use of a Human Effigy at any time while playing the sequel. If you don't want to be invaded, you can also burn Effigies at a bonfire to prevent enemy invasions for a limited amount of time.

Where to find Human Effigies

Brightstone Cove Tseldora By the peasants is a well you can jump into. Open the chest you find
Iron Keep On the molten rock by the very first bonfire in the region
Lucatiel Listen to all of Lucatiel of Mirrah's conversations
N/A Granted as a starting gift
Seer's Hut Inside the chest located upstairs

Where to buy Human Effigies

Iron Keep Magerold of Lanafir
The Forest of Fallen Giants Merchant Hag Melentia
Undead Crypt Grave Warden Agdayne

Where to farm Human Effigies

There are a few creature types you can farm if you want to get your hands on a few more Effigies. Here's what you can kill, and where you can find them.

Forest of Fallen Giants Old Ironclad Soldiers
Lost Bastille Attack Dogs
No Man's Wharf Attack Dogs
Shrine of Amana Amana Shrine Maidens
Shrine of Amana Lizardmen
Shrine of Amana Underwater Dwellers
Various Hollow Infantry
Various Spider Corpses
Various Skeletons

If you want to efficiently farm Human Effigies, consider burning a Bonfire Ascetic in Majula. The skeletons below the mansion here are guaranteed to drop the item you're after. You can also burn another Ascetic in the Forest of Fallen Giants - doing so will allow you to open the chest in the cave at the start of the area all over again. If you don't mind grinding out the enemies, you should also consider going to the second bonfire in the Undead Crypt region to kill lots of hollows.

Titanite locations

Titanite items are used to reinforce your armour and weapons. Here's a breakdown of where you can find each flavour of Titanite.

Where to find Titanite Shards

Majula Inside a chest in Maughlin the Armourer's building

Where to buy Titanite Shards

Majula Blacksmith Lenigrast
Harvest Valley Stone Trader Chloanne

Where to farm Titanite Shards

Brightstone Cove Tseldora Villagers
Earthen Peak Steelworker Undead
Harvest Valley Skeleton Warrior

Where to find Large Titanite Shards

Black Gulch Various
Cardinal Tower In a chest downstairs beneath the bonfire
Harvest Valley Inside the mines
Iron Keep Various
Lost Bastille Head left from the Tower Apart bonfire and take from corpse.
Lost Bastille On the ledge above Lucatiel of Mirrah
No Man's Wharf Inside the hidden room in the short-cut house

Where to buy Large Titanite Shards

Harvest Valley Stone Trader Chloanne
Lost Bastille McDuff the Blacksmith

Where to farm Large Titanite Shards

Black Gulch Pool worms
Brightstone Cove Tseldora Spider Humans
Brightstone Cove Tseldora Undead Mages
Brightstone Cove Tseldora Villagers
Doors of Pharros Smaller Gyrm
Iron Keep Ironclad Knights

Where to find Titanite Chunks

Covenant Reward Kill an intruder while a member of the Bell Keepers
Forest of Fallen Giants Inside a chest near the Cardinal Tower bonfire
Shaded Woods Inside a chest beyond the third bonfire

Where to buy Titanite Chunks

Harvest Valley Stone Trader Chloanne

Where to farm Titanite Chunks

Black Gulch Coal Tar
Brightstone Cove Tseldora Undead Peasants
Doors of Pharros Large Gyrm

Fancy going another round with a boss? Use a Bonfire Ascetic to bring 'em back to - temporary - life.

Where to find Titanite Slabs

Covenant Reward Talk to Bell Keepers leader after killing 10 masters as a grey phantom
Forest of Fallen Giants Use a Pharros Lockstone in the room underneath the ballista trap

Where to buy Titanite Slabs

Harvest Valley Stone Trader Chloanne

Where to farm Titanite Slabs

Brighstone Cove Tseldora First region boss
Dragon Aerie Lizards
Drangleic Castle Crystal Lizards
Drangleic Castle Stone Soldier
Drangleic Castle Stone Warriors

Where to find Twinkling Titanite

Doors of Pharros Behind the stone door near the poisoned dogs
Dragon Shrine In a chest upstairs and to the left of the Drakekeepers
Drangleic Castle On a corpse in the room with poisonous darts in
Earthen Peak Loot from a corpse after buying ladder from Laddersmith Gilligan
Forest of Fallen Giants On corpses around the final bonfire in this region
Iron Keep On a corpse in the furnace room near the Smelter Demon
Lost Bastille Chest behind Steady Hand McDuff
Shaded Ruins On the corpse guarded by four basilisks

Where to buy Twinkling Titanite

Harvest Valley Stone Trader Chloanne

Where to farm Twinkling Titanite

Dragon Aerie Crystal Lizards
Shaded Woods Flexile Sentry
Shrine of Amana Archdrake Priestess
Shrine of Amana Archdrake Soldiers

Bonfire Ascetic locations

You can use Bonfire Ascetics to force enemies in an area to respawn, even after you've destroyed them all. Great news if you're looking to farm some items, although be advised that the enemies will return in a much stronger form. Here's where you can get hold of these handy farming tools.

Where to find Bonfire Ascetics

Brightstone Cove Tseldora Next to Cromwell the Pardoner in the church
Dragon Shrine In a chest on the edge of the shrine by the entrance
Lost Bastille Use the cage before the Sinner's Rise bridge to reach the corpse
Iron Keep Cross the bridge after the first bonfire. Drop to rocks on your right

Where to buy Bonfire Ascetics

Aldia's Keep Royal Sorcerer Navlaan
Harvest Valley Stone Trader Chloanne
Pilgrms of Dark Covenant leader Darkdiver Grandahl

Where to farm Bonfire Ascetics

Pilgrim of Dark trials Phantoms / Witch Trees

You can also use Bonfire Ascetics to revive bosses in the game. Here's a complete breakdown of who you can bring back to - temporary - life, and which bonfire you need to use to make it happen.

Aldia's Keep Ritual Site Guardian Dragon
Belfry Luna Upper Ramparts Belfry Gargoyles
Black Gulch Hidden Chamber The Rotten
Brightstone Cove Tseldora Royal Army Campsite Prowling Magus
Brightstone Cove Tseldora Lower Brightstone Cove Duke's Dear Freja
Cathedral of Blue The Blue Cathedral Old Dragonslayer
Doors of Pharros Ordeal's End Royal Rat Authority
Dragon Shrine Shrine Entrance Ancient Dragon
Drangleic Castle King's Gate Throne Defender & Watcher
Drangleic Castle King's Gate Nashandra
Drangleic Castle Under Drangleic Castle Darklurker
Drangleic Castle Forgotten Chamber Twin Dragonriders
Drangleic Castle Central Castle Drangleic Looking Glass Knight
Earthen Peak Upper Earthen Peak Mytha, The Baneful Queen
Forest of Fallen Giants Cardinal Tower The Last Giant
Forest of Fallen Giants Cardinal Tower The Pursuer
Forest of Fallen Giants The Place Unbeknownst Giant Lord
Grave of Saints Grave Entrance Royal Rat Vanguard
Harvest Valley The Mines Covetous Demon
Heide's Tower of Flame Heide's Ruin Dragonrider
Huntsman's Copse Undead Lockaway The Skeleton Lord
Iron Keep Threshold Bridge Smelter Demon
Iron Keep Eygil's Idol Old Iron King
Lost Bastille McDuff's Workshop Ruin Sentinels
No-Man's Wharf Unseen Path to Heide Flexile Sentry
Shaded Woods Shaded Ruins Scorpioness Najka
Shrine of Amana Rhoy's Resting Place Demon of Song
Sinner's Rise The Saltfort Lost Sinner
Undead Crypt Undead Ditch Velstadt
Undead Crypt Undead Ditch Vendrick
Undead Purgatory Undead Purgatory Executioner's Chariot

Fragrant Branch of Yore locations

Fragrant Branch of Yores are used to remove petrification effects from NPCs or yourself. Here are all of the currently known locations of these powerful items.

Where to find Fragrant Branch of Yore

Brightstone Cove Tseldora In the room just after the Duke's Dear Freja fight
Harvest Valley Just before the bonfire at The Mines, inside a doorway
Harvest Valley On a ledge in the room just after the bonfire at The Mines
Shaded Woods Equip the Ring of Whispers and speak to Manscorpion Tark
Shaded Woods In the same chest that contains the Lion Mage Set
Sinner's Rise In a chest next to the Primal Bonfire after the Lost Sinner fight
The Gutter Just before the Black Gulch bonfire

Where to buy Fragrant Branch of Yore

Iron Keep Magerold of Lanafir

We've got an essential Dark Souls 2 covenant guide to help you choose your next faction. The first page of our strategy guide contains even more help.

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