Dark Souls 2 - Undead Crypt, Fenito, Nameless Usurper

We've got a guide to getting through the Undead Crypt, grabbing every last bit of loot, and preparing for the boss fight against Velstadt.

As soon as you reach the Undead Crypt, head over to the far right corner of the next room along to grab a Radiant Lifegem. Now head back over to the other side and light the bonfire. Take the stairs that are just outside the bonfire room, then go through the hall until you come to a door on your left. Go through it, keep walking along the hallway, kill any enemies you come to, then take the door on your left.

Undead Crypt guide

Kill all of the sorcerers waiting in the next room before killing the weaker enemies. If you don't kill the sorcerers first, you'll have to deal with a load of magical missiles which just makes fighting everything else that little bit harder.

Make your way into the next room, then go all the way upstairs. Talk to Fenito when you get to the end of the path, and have a browse through his shop to stock up on anything you might need.

Carry on down the next hallway, then take the stairs when you get to the end of it. Kill the enemy who attacks you, then go down the left-hand path to kill yet another soldier. Carry on towards the end of this path and pass through the misty door that lies at the top of the next stairs along.

Kill all of the enemies inside this area, and make sure you smash up all of the stones to expose anyone who's hiding. Make sure you grab the pair of Black Firebombs and the Simpletons' Spice from the corner of this room before you light the bonfire in the room next door.

After doing so, head into the next room and kill all the enemies and smash up those stones again. You should be able to find a Bracing Knuckle Ring +2 over in one corner, and a Soul of a Lost Undead from just underneath the stairs. Grab the items, make your way up those stairs, and then walk through the next door along to get a Divine Blessing and a Soul of a Hero.

The Nameless Usurper fight

"Kill any ghosts inside the tombs here, and make sure you whack the wall in front of you - it's actually a pair of shield-bearing enemies."

Once you've grabbed these items, you'll be assaulted by a Nameless Usurper. Once it's dead, carry on down the hallway and walk through the crypt. Kill any ghosts inside the tombs here, and make sure you whack the wall in front of you - it's actually a pair of shield-bearing enemies. Just be very careful when fighting them, as there's not much breathing space in this narrow area. Head back into the previous room if you're running out of room.

When they're dead, go into the next room along and then fall down the hole into the room below. Here you'll be able to fight more stones, zombies and sorcerers. Just try to avoid letting them gang up on you, and pick them off cleanly.

In the centre of this room is a Homeward Bone and a Radiant Lifegem. Grab them, then walk down the corridor over on the far right to get a Large Soul of a Proud Knight and a Dragon Charm. Just be ready to fight a sorcerer as you make your way to the end of this path.

Make your way back into the main room, and then carry on down the hallway towards the end of the room. Take the stairs on your left, then grab the lever at the top. Now go back downstairs and go through the door that's directly ahead of you.

Carry on down the small stairway here, then walk down the hallway and kill the massive pack of enemies waiting at the end. It's best to approach them very cautiously, and try to engage them in smaller numbers, rather than all at once. When they're dead, simply go through the misty door in front of you to begin the fight against Velstadt, the Royal Aegis.

It's not hard to kill the Demon of Song when you know how. We've got plenty more Dark Souls 2 help at the index page of our walkthrough.

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