Dark Souls 2 - Harvest Valley, boss location, Praise The Sun

Our essential guide to the Harvest Valley fights, unlocking the Praise the Sun gesture, and entering Earthen Peak prepared for battle.

You'll have to battle the villains of Harvest Valley to make it to Earthen Peak, but we'll show you how to make it safely through to the other side, and unlock the Praise the Sun gesture while you're at it.

Harvest Valley guide

Make your way into the cave over on your right, then light the bonfire when you find it inside. Just watch out for the poison that's in the pool near the entrance to the cave. As a general rule, it's worth keeping something to combat poison on you at all times, as this area is full of the stuff. Once you're ready, talk to Chloanne up ahead of you, then carry on down the path to your left.

As soon as you come to the poisonous mist, take a left, kill the skeleton you encounter, then take the Lifegem. Now jump down onto the mound of soil to your right, then run quickly through the poisonous mist and grab the Titanite Shard and the Fading Soul from the other side of the area. Now make your way up the rocky ramp nice and fast. If you're followed by an enemy, kill it after you've moved out of the poisonous muck.

Grab the Torch when you reach the top, then carry on down the path ahead of you. Go up the ramp when you come to it, then climb the ladder to get your hands on 10 Hexing Urns. Make your way back down to the bottom, then kill the enemies you come to at the end of the path. Strafe your way around the larger enemies to avoid their dark projectile attacks, then dish out your own damage when the attack fails.

Make your way back up the ramp in the central section, then climb up the ladder you come to. Kill the two enemies ahead of you, then activate the lever at the end of the path. This raises a gate below. Go through that gate, then take the tunnel over on your right until you come to a new bonfire. Light it up, then carry on down the main tunnel until you come to a new area.

You need to clear the poisonous mist in this section before you can loot the chest that's at the end of the path on your left. For now, take the right-hand path, then go over the bridge. If you want to avoid the enemies here, head along the right-hand side instead. Kill the smaller enemy you encounter, then go up the wooden path in the direction of the windmill.

How to unlock the Praise the Sun gesture

"Be very careful of the pots here - if you smash them, you'll be poisoned."

When you reach the top of the path, keep an eye out for an enemy in the room just ahead. If you get too close for comfort, it'll attack you. Rather than entering that room, instead take the path to your left and enter the cave on the right when you reach the end of it.

Kill the enemy lurking in the next room ahead, but just be prepared for a slightly tougher fight than the ones you've faced so far in this region. Make sure you block all of the creature's attacks, then follow up with just a couple of your own, before getting ready to block again.

When it's dead, simply take the stairs all the way up, then learn the Praise the Sun gesture by kneeling in front of the armour. If you wish to join the related Covenant, now's the time to do it.

How to get to Earthen Peak

Go back to the room you passed by earlier, and if you haven't already beaten the lunging creature, wait for it to come out before attacking. Be very careful of the pots here - if you smash them, you'll be poisoned.

If they're getting in the way, head back outside and take a left, then carry on into the tunnel. There are two more enemies here, along with more poisonous pots, so kill them carefully then climb the ladder on your left. This will take you into the room you were in a moment ago, albeit on the other side of those deadly pots.

Go through the next door to get to Earthen Peak.

If you're struggling to beat Mytha have a look at our guide to the boss fight. Alternatively, head back to the first page of our Dark Souls 2 walkthrough for more guides.

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