Dark Souls mod reimagines the game in first-person

My heart is breaking.

Prior to its dark fantasy action/RPG hit Demon's Souls, developer From Software made the similarly sadistic first-person King's Field series. Now, YouTube user Soul Slasher has reimagined From's latest hit, Dark Souls, with this classic perspective in a new mod.

The mod doesn't appear to be available for public consumption, but that's okay as it looks almost entirely unplayable. Aside from the herky-jerky wibbly-wobbly arm movements and invisible limbs, it looks nigh on impossible to properly engage in combat as the hit detection is off and unlike a game designed to be played from first-person, the center of the screen isn't necessarily where your attacks land.

I'm glad From didn't go this route - and not just because it spares us from some uncomfortably close-up shots of the Taurus Demon's crotch - but one can't deny that it's an interesting look at what could have been and the environments do seem extra spooky without the benefit of being able to rotate the camera to peek around corners. Check it out above.

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