Battlefield 4 promo material reveals return of Commander Mode, three playable factions

US, China and Russia.


Battlefield 4 promotional material snapped at GameStop.

Battlefield 4 will see the return of the series' much-loved Commander Mode, promotional material has revealed.

Also, three playable factions will fill out multiplayer: the United States, Russia and China. Developer DICE has confirmed that the game's single-player campaign sees players control just one character.

YouTuber "luger700" filmed the promotional material direct from his local GameStop store. It reveals you can get the game's first expansion free if you drop $10 on a pre-order. The video is below, and there's more in a thread on Battlelog.

Commander Mode, last seen in 2006's Battlefield: 2142 (thanks, Christophicus!) but dropped for Battlefield 3, provided a top down view from which a small number of players could direct others. A video of it in action is below.

Battlefield 4 is due out later this year. A multiplayer beta is planned.

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