Ridiculous Fishing dev announces Luftrausers for PC, PS3 and Vita

Hope this dogfighting shooter takes off.

The indie creator of top-notch titles Ridiculous Fishing and Super Crate Box has announced dogfighting game Luftrausers for PC, PlayStation 3 and Vita this spring.

Its developer Vlambeer released an earlier version of the title in 2011 as a simple browser game. This version is a "massive evolution", Vlambeer promises.

The 2D dive-bomber sees you attempting to keep control of aircraft in a screen swarming with other fighters.

Steam and Linux versions are also on the way via Steam. The game will cost $9.99 (about 6.60).

"A great game design can always be ripped off, sadly, but talent will out in the end," Oli Welsh wrote in Eurogamer's 8/10 Ridiculous Fishing review. "You can't cut-and-paste the artistry and attitude that Vlambeer has brought to this extravagant bit of disposable nonsense."

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