Dishonored's new story-based DLC The Knife of Dunwall revealed

First of two add-ons starring antagonist assassin Daud.


Dishonored publisher Bethesda has announced two new story-based add-ons for the game starring antagonist assassin Daud.

The Knife of Dunwall arrives first on 16th April for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (likely the 17th April for PS3 in Europe). It'll cost 7.99/800 Microsoft Points.

Daud's story will then be concluded in a final add-on, The Brigmore Witches.


Spoilers for Dishonored follow.

The character of Daud will be familiar to those who've played Dishonored - he's the assassin who set hero Corvo's journey in motion by slaying the Empress in the game's first level.

It's unclear how Daud's fate from the main game will be reflected - players could eventually choose to kill or spare him - but Bethesda promises that player choices you make here will ultimately determine his destiny.

The Knife of Dunwall will fill in Daud's back-story and explore the character's search for redemption across fresh areas of the city.

One new location is the Rothwild Slaughterhouse, a grim factory used in the city's whaling trade.

You'll also get to revisit areas from the main game such as the Flooded District and other, familiar scenes from Daud's perspective.

Daud can call upon the Whalers via his Summon Assassin power, track down hidden objects with Void Gaze and gain new variations to existing powers.

The Knife of Dunwall is the first story-based DLC for the game and follows the earlier combat-focused add-on Dunwall City Trials.

First details of the new adventure leaked online last month via a list of PlayStation Trophy awards. Intriguingly, these suggested the add-on was previously titled The Other Side of the Coin, a title that befits a focus on Dishonored's anatagonist.

That list detailed other environments and challenges: players will also visit the estate of a Thalia Timish and be rewarded for completing the DLC without killing or alerting any enemies.

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