A Dark Souls 2 inkling: first flakes of artwork flutter out

A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a two-headed horse and chariot.

Dark Souls had the best art. The bosses were imaginative, scary and bloody massive, not to mention tough. Gravelord Nito was a giant Grim Reaper, built from skeletons, shrouded in a cape of darkness and wielding a great scythe. Totally boss.

Now the first scrapings of art have peeled off the Dark Souls 2 development wall and fluttered onto the internet, into the hands of All Games Beta.

Expect chariots pulled by two-headed skeleton horses with blades jutting out from their wheels; expect fancy yet practical-looking armour; expect a dwarf with a big axe and beard; expect a gnarled staff with the skeleton of a bird shoved mouth first on the end.

It's not much to go on, but hey, it's Christmas.

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