Far Cry 3 co-op includes unique areas, characters, story

Fresh footage unravels some of the island's mysteries.

Far Cry 3's hallucinogenic single-player campaign has been hogging plenty of the limelight recently. But there's more to the game than that.

The game's co-op mode is detailed below in a fact-busting section of narrated footage. The story acts as a prequel to the main game, with events set 6 months before the single-player mode.

You and your friends will choose from four unique characters and venture to otherwise-unseen areas of Far Cry 3's tropic island.

The footage demonstrates some of the load-out managing features on offer, along with five classes - Warrior, Rusher, Deadeye, Saboteur and Bodyguard.

Sniping-heavy sections will allow you to hole up and compete for kills against team-mates. You'll also be buddying-up to complete objectives - holding locations and setting explosives while under heavy fire.

Far Cry 3 co-op trailer

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