Podcast #112: I Am Error 37

Max Payne 3! FIFA 13! Minecraft! And a little bit of Diablo.

While the world warms itself around the burning servers of Diablo 3, a swollen team takes to the mics to discuss everything other than the one game that's on everyone's minds. Though if you care to watch the video version you'll likely see some right index fingers impatiently clicking away on an invisible mouse.

Joining regular host Tom Champion is Gamesindustry International's own ray of sunshine Dan Pearson, and he's flanked by the only marginally less miserable Martin Robinson, who regales the crowd with wondrous tales of far away lands (Millbank Tower, London) and the curious creatures within (David Rutter and his FIFA team, all showing off the recently revealed FIFA 13). Tom Bramwell, meanwhile, has been spending his nights shooting up tramps with a bitter alcoholic by his side. And he's been playing Max Payne 3 lol.

There's also a mildly diverting game of questions and answers that remains informative for a handful of minutes before descending into sexual threats and pondering which species Tom B would rather see extinct.

The podcast is a thing that happens every Tuesday, and it cannot be stopped.

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