Dragon's Dogma event mode, leaderboards detailed

Ur-Dragon event available at launch.

Upcoming Capcom role-player Dragon's Dogma will include an event mode, allowing players to fight the mighty Ur-Dragon via Xbox Live or PlayStation Network when the game launches on 25th May.

The event mode's battles will be asynchronous encounters for each player and their party of Pawns.

Players will need to fight the Ur-Dragon multiple times before it falls, with the player who deals the fatal blow gaining the biggest share of loot.

All players will recieve loot from taking on the Ur-Dragon, and offline players can fight the beast too, although the rewards will be different.

Slayers of the Ur-Dragon will have their names and play times recorded in a leaderboard-style hall of fame for others to view and beat.

Footage and screenshots of the new mode lie below.

Dragon's Dogma Ur-Dragon fight footage

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