Codies looking to introduce classic F1 cars

"It won't be in 2012, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turns up not long after."

Codemasters is looking into bringing classic F1 to its officially licensed take on the sport, saying that while it won't make the cut for this year's game it'll likely turn up soon after.

The idea of introducing classic cars to the series is one that's long been called for by the community, and it's an idea that Codemasters is now actively pursuing.

"We've discussed the complexity of doing that, especially with defunct teams or sponsors no longer around, alcohol and cigarette advertising, drivers no longer here and the trusts involved," F1 2012 creative director Stephen Hood told Eurogamer as the veil was lifted from this year's model.

"It's something we've always wanted to do at Codemasters and we're looking at it quite heavily now. It won't be 2012 but I wouldn't be surprised if it turns up not long after. We're in negotiations with people now."

Previous official F1 games have tinkered with classic cars - Sony Liverpool's Formula One Championship Edition featured a selection of classics from Alfa's 158 through to the Williams FW18 that took Damon Hill to the 1996 title, while Papyrus' Grand Prix Legends - one of the most highly regarded takes on F1 - had the 1967 season as its prime focus.

F1 2012 launches later this year, and is part of a three-pronged attack on the license from Codemasters in the coming months, with free-to-play effort F1 Online: The Game joining an as yet unrevealed family game that's also coming from Codemasters Birmingham.

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