Nearly a third of PS3 owners "seriously considering" buying Vita - poll

Because they "want a powerful handheld console".

Nearly a third of UK PlayStation 3 owners are seriously considering buying a Vita, a new poll has found.

Playr2 polled 1321 PS3 owners, asking them various questions about the Vita.

More than three quarters of respondents, 76 per cent, said yes, they were excited about tomorrow's Vita launch. 32 per cent said they were "seriously considering" buying one in the near future. Of these, 22 per cent intended to buy a Vita within one week of its launch.

62 per cent of those who intend to buy a Vita said they "wanted a powerful handheld console". Of the 32 per cent who intend to buy a Vita, half have owned a PlayStation Portable. Six per cent said they planned to sell their current PlayStation console to buy a Vita.

The results of the poll are sure to please the higher ups at Sony Computer Entertainment UK, who have seen Vita get off to a slow start in Japan.

There, the console has struggled to sell more than the PSP, which still enjoys strong publish support and attractive new titles.

How will Vita do in the US and Europe? The console launches across the UK at midnight tonight. It comes in two flavours: Wi-Fi only (around 230) and Wi-Fi plus 3G (around 280).

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