Ankama reveals MMO Wakfu release date

Sequel to the incredibly successful Dofus.

Wakfu, sequel to colossal isometric MMO belle Dofus, launches February 2012, Eurogamer can reveal.

Wakfu will be free-to-play, with the option to unlock the entire world via a £5 a month subscription. A micro-transaction store will stock cosmetic-only items.

Like Dofus, Wakfu will run on a wide range of computers. It's powered by Java and supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Wakfu is set 1000 years after Dofus, but retains the isometric, cartoon and turn-based battle flavour of its predecessor. And why not? Dofus had 3.5 million paying subscribers last April, and more than 30 million registered users. Even World of Warcraft wouldn't scoff at that.

Alongside turn-based combat and the usual fantasy MMO frolics, Wakfu offers political pursuits and environmental endeavours. You can vote in elections and even rise to become a Governor. It's also up to you to manage the monster population, plant life and climate. The economy, too, is entirely down to the players - there are no NPC vendors to sell you gear.

Wakfu also looks delicious - a hallmark of Dofus' success. The Wakfu TV series people - yes it really is a big deal - have created a lovely new trailer to accompany the Wakfu release date. That's below.

Wakfu is currently in open beta. Head to the Wakfu website to join in.

Combat in Wakfu.

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