Chrono Trigger for Wii Virtual Console

Mega Man X also incoming.

Classic SNES role-player Chrono Trigger is on its way to the Wii's Virtual Console download service.

According to Siliconera, Square's much-loved 1995 epic will be available on Japanese Wii some time next month boasting a 900 Point price tag.

Capcom's 1993 platformer Mega Man X is also on the April release slate, priced at 800 Points, while Neo-Geo sequel King of Monsters 2 will demand 900 Points.

There's no confirmation of a European release for any of these titles yet, but Japanese VC releases generally head West a few months after launch.

Cast an eye over Eurogamer's review of the 2009 DS re-release of Chrono Trigger to find out why it's so highly regarded.

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