Kill Ewoks in Force Unleashed II DLC

But they're so cute.

The first downloadable add-on for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is set on the forest moon of Endor and sees players kill perhaps the cutest aliens ever conceived: the Ewoks.

It's set during the time of classic film The Return of the Jedi, but presents a "what if?" scenario, according to IGN. It's all part of the "infinite universe", see.

The Endor Bonus Mission, as it's called, adds new Achievements and Trophies. "One of the team's favourite is the 'Sith Kicker Achievement' but I'll let you figure that one out for yourselves," executive producer Gio Corsi said.

It's of comparable length to the add-ons from the first game, such as the Hoth Bonus Mission. Starkiller will have the same abilities as he did in TFUII, so he's incredibly powerful from the start but the DLC assumes players picked the Dark Side ending. Boo hiss etc.

The Endor Bonus Mission will be released "later this year". No price was mentioned.

The Force Unleashed II launched last month. John Teti awarded it 5/10 for Eurogamer. C-3PO plays it in the Currys/PC World telly advert.

SW: The Force Unleashed II gameplay

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