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Zangief returns for Street Fighter 5

Three characters left to reveal.

Russian wrestler Zangief is playable in fighting game Street Fighter 5.

His V-Skill, Iron Muscle, lets Zangief absorb one attack. If you hold down medium punch and medium kick and then press a direction on the joystick, he'll slowly close in on the opponent. Release the walk and Zangief flexes his muscles and hits the opponent - if close enough.

His V-Trigger sees Zangief spin, pulling the opponent in close. If you tap the V-Trigger activation buttons, Zangief quickly spins and pulls in the opponent. If you hold the buttons, he'll continue the spin and hit the opponent multiple times.

Check Zangief out in action in the video below.

The addition of Zangief raises the number of announced playable characters to 13. They are:

  • Birdie
  • Cammy
  • Chun-Li
  • Karin
  • Ken
  • M. Bison
  • Charlie Nash
  • Necalli
  • R. Mika
  • Rashid
  • Ryu
  • Vega
  • Zangief

Three characters are left to reveal. Street Fighter 5 is due out on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016.

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