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World of Warcraft Patch 7.2 hits next week, takes us back to the Broken Shore


World of Warcraft's next major patch, Tomb of Sargeras, arrives on live servers on the 28th March.

If you played Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne (gosh, what a game that was), you'll remember the Tomb of Sargeras as the location in which Gul'dan was lured, before being murdered by some demons and having his skull turned into a magical artifact.

Sargeras himself is thought to be one of Warcraft's most powerful villains, having formed The Burning Legion in an effort to destroy, well, everything. He's done an alright job at that so far, although Azeroth remains the world he's yet to conquer.

Anyway, it seems we'll be meeting him before too long (in some form, as he doesn't really have a body right now). However! Despite the patch's name, the tomb itself won't be accessible right away. Just like with patch 7.1 and The Nighthold, the tomb will come later, acting as the finale for this chapter in WOW's story.

First, it seems, we'll need to return to The Broken Shore, after our defeat there at the very start of this expansion. We miss you Varian. Well, a little bit. I'm a Horde player, let's not get carried away.

And after that, as the trailer below suggests, it'll be time to deal with Kil'Jaeden and his fleet of demonic spaceships. It's worth watching the video just to see Kil'Jaeden get really quite sassy with Sargeras. We've not seen that before, have we? Character development!

If you're after a proper breakdown of what's coming in patch 7.2, you can find that on WOW's official site.

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