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What's New (1st June, 2007)

Special guest Ellie presents this week's releases.

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Hello there! Tom's off learning about some new football game this week, I believe it's called Pro Fifas, so I am your special guest presenter for this week's What's New. Or as I've decided to rename it - What's New: Womens In Games Hour!

I thought I'd take the opportunity to discuss a topic which I'm sure is of as much interest to you as it is to me - Womens In Games. First off, let's deal with the biggest misconception. A lot of people think womens don't like playing games. This is not true. In fact, some womens do like playing games. For example, I am a woman and I have played over six games.

Also, a lot of people think that women only like games about puzzles and dogs. But they are forgetting about Tomb Raider!

As Britain's premiere Woman In Games, apart from Aleks Krotoski and Margaret off Edge and the other two, I am often asked about what it is like to be a Woman In Games. Well, to be honest I find being a woman has positive benefits. For example, you can always threaten to sue your employer over an inappropriate remark one of your colleagues made about Keeley Hawes back in March 2005, which is why I save all my MSN conversations.

Anyway, I hope that has cleared up some of the misconceptions about women liking games and Womens In Games. And if any women are reading this, hello! I heard a rumour they're doing a new Nintendogs by the way.

Next week, I'll be discussing how a lot of people think violent games are bad, but they aren't really. Or more likely, Tom will be back.

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