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WarioWare heads Nintendo downloads

Plus: Surviving High School! Save the Turtles!

Nintendo has announced this week's line-up of Wii and DSi digital downloads due Friday.

Top of the list is WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase, a WiiWare accompaniment to the DS make-your-own-microgame game which also hits Europe Friday. The WiiWare Showcase will allow players to download show off various DSi microgame creations on the big screen. This costs 800 Wii Points (£5.60/€8).

Also hitting WiiWare on Friday are Mega Man 10 DLC - Endless Attack mode (300 Wii Points - £2.10/€3) and Special Stage 2 & 3 (100 Wii Points - £0.70/€1 each), and Nordcurrent's imaginatively titled budget release 5 Arcade Gems (700 Wii Points - £4.90/€7).

DSiWare downloaders get a bevy of releases this week. Electronic Arts' Surviving High School (800 DSi Points - £7.20/€8) - an education-themed mini-game collection that promises to let you "cause all the drama!" - seems the most potentially interesting of the bunch.

Also available are touch-screen controlled VT Tennis (500 DSi Points - £4.50/€5), dinosaur adventure game DodoGo! (800 DSi Points - £7.20/€8), environmentally-themed puzzler Save the Turtles (500 DSi Points - £4.50/€5) and Simply Solitaire (200 DSi Points - £1.80/€2), which we sure hope provides just what it says on the tin.

Classic fighting game fans can also enjoy a Virtual Console version of SNK's The King of Fighters '95 for 900 Wii Points (£6.30/€9) this week.

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