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Long read: The beauty and drama of video games and their clouds

"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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This week on Outside Xbox

Thief, Grand Theft Auto 5 and Ride to Hell.

Being games industry experts and champions of the obscure, we're tipping little-known crime sim Grand Theft Auto 5 for big things come autumn. For that insider buzz and the rest of the week's best videos from Outside Xbox, read on, dear Eurogamer.

At first glance, stealthy steal-'em-up Thief and supernatural assassin outing Dishonored look much alike. Both are shadowy sneakathons in plague-infested, old-timey cities. But their differences are far from trivial and, as producer Stéphane Roy testily reminds us in Show of the Week, 1998's original Thief: The Dark Project is the granddaddy of the genre.

Watch the show to see how Thief takes back things Dishonored borrowed from it in the first place, with just a few of Dishonored's good ideas on top.

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It's flying under the games media radar for now, but keep an eye on probable sleeper hit "GTA5". This week's new trailer gave us a good look at how you'll hop between the three main characters and Grand Theft Auto Online, the game's multiplayer component. We pored over the trailer to analyse its feature-dense five minutes of gameplay in punishing detail.

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Can't wait until September to crash vehicles and hassle pedestrians? Biker gang adventure Ride to Hell: Retribution would tide you over if it was an open-world job as originally conceived, which it isn't, and if it wasn't a steaming hot mess, which it is. In it, you punch men off motorcycles and endure terrible sex scenes with fully clothed women. We play it so you don't have to in the video below.

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For new Splinter Cell: Blacklist gameplay, a prophetic glimpse of how cool you will look playing Fantasia: Music Evolved and more, come to Outside Xbox.