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This is what Blood Bowl 2 looks like

Goblin the first screenshots up.

Blood Bowl - Warhammer American football - went down pretty well on PC a few years ago. And now there's a sequel. And even more now, there are the first screenshots.

Handsome Blood Bowl 2 is, grotesque team mates lurching at each other, stadiums packed with Warhammer flags and faces. A goblin referee. Grass could use a cut.

French studio Cyanide is using a new engine for Blood Bowl 2, hence the pretties. The animations should be better too, and there are dynamic camera angles to aid the new commentator duo and bring the action to life.

There's a solo campaign that puts you in the boots of a famous Blood Bowl team and throws "original and truly unique matches" at you. There's a League mode that has you manage your own team, club and stadium, and there's multiplayer - although exactly what is being kept a secret for now.

There's no release date for the game that I can see. It's in the works for PC.

They must all be brothers.
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Blood Bowl 2

PS4, Xbox One, PC

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