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There's a new chapter in The Bard's Tale - for Amazon Alexa

Music to your ears.

The Bard's Tale is coming to Amazon Alexa, in the form of a new audio role-playing game titled Warlocks of Largefearn.

It's a project developed in conjunction with Xbox's inXile Entertainment, and created by Wanderword - a Swedish developer which previously released other Alexa-based RPGs.

This new Bard's Tale chapter boasts of "hours" of gameplay as you pick from four character classes and explore Largefearn, recruit companions and get stuck into some (naturally, turn-based) combat.

If you are playing with a device that has a screen, Warlocks of Largefearn also includes illustrations showing characters and locations, or you can sit back, close your eyes, and let Alexa's robotic set of voices set the scene.

Classes include the Bard, Fighter, Rogue and Practitioner, each with their own further subclasses to explore.

Back in the world of traditional video games, The Bard's Tale 4 arrived back in 2018 for PC, and then shortly after that for consoles. Our Bertie called it "an eccentric and charismatic B-movie of a game," in Eurogamer's The Bard's Tale 4 review.

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The Bard's Tale 4

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