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Grand Theft Auto 6 hacker teen suspect held in youth detention centre

Admits breaching bail conditions, pleads not guilty to computer misuse.

The 17-year-old suspect believed to behind the recent hack of Grand Theft Auto maker Rockstar Games has pled not guilty to the charge of computer misuse.

However, the teen did plead guilty to breaching bail conditions, Eurogamer understands.

In a statement to Eurogamer this afternoon, the City of London Police's Cyber Crime Unit acknowledged the individual had appeared in court over the weekend - and was now being held at a youth detention centre.

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"The 17-year-old who appeared at Highbury Corner Youth Court on 24th September has pleaded guilty to breaching his bail conditions and not guilty to computer misuse," City of London detective inspector Michael O'Sullivan said.

"The teenager has been remanded to a youth detention centre."

The suspect is believed to be part of hacking group Lapsus$, and behind the recent gargantuan leak of Grand Theft Auto 6 details, including almost an hour of work-in-progress development footage, images and artwork.

Rockstar has only commented to confirm it suffered a "network intrusion" which had led to the leaked information being taken from its servers.

The GTA maker said it was "extremely disappointed", but that there would be no "long-term effect" on development. No live services, such as Grand Theft Auto Online, were interrupted.

As for the suspect, it isn't the first time they have been in trouble with the law. Back in March, BBC News reported on the individual - then just 16 years old - under the headline "Oxford teen accused of being multi-millionaire cyber-criminal".

The teen was one of seven arrested under suspicion of hacking other high-profile companies such as Microsoft, before bragging about it online.

In a separate investigation into the hacking group's breach of Uber, several members are now being investigated by the FBI.

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