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SEGA teases Project RINGO

Prepares new character-based IP.

SEGA Japan has teased a mysterious piece of work called Project RINGO.

The Flash animation on the SEGA Japan website shows a silhouette of a 2D character followed by the words "What happens? ... next_2.24". There's no explanation, but "2.24" could mean 24th February.

The character appears to be female and has big shoes and a sticky-up bit of hair. It's all very cartoony.

This could also be the platform game Sonic father Yuji Naka has been working on.

We're just not sure. What we do know, however, is that Yuji Naka has tested innovative Wii rhythm-platformer Let's Tap on cats and dogs. He even told Eurogamer recently that penguins could play the game. He's clearly mental.

Head over to our interview with Yuji Naka, or our review of Let's Tap, to find out more.

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